To be the premier provider of chemical products throughout the Middle East and selected other markets. We will accomplish this by exceeding the expectations of our customers. We will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing this, we will deliver operational excellence in every corner of the company and meet or exceed our commitments to the many customers we serve.


    Our vision is to be a reliable market leader in the chemicals and plastics distribution business supplying a wide range of chemical and plastic raw materials to our customers.

    We distinguish ourselves by providing excellent customer service, on time delivery and unsurpassed quality as demanded by our customer who's satisfaction is our goal.

    • Strong connection with all suppliers/clients of additives and polymer
    • Geographic Existence
    • Keep stock in our warehouse to make just in time delivery.
    • Logistic Handling



METCCA team has started using SAP Business ONE (ERP Programme) on 01.01.2018 which is an integrated business management system that automates all METCCA operations. This system integration gives more flexibility to the team for time management and prevent problems especially for logistics. All teams (Branches - Warehouses – Logistics) operates as they are in the same office but in different desks. It reduces administrative costs by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and helps METCCA team to see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly so that they can close the gap between strategy and execution and become a best-run business.


METCCA has good experience and successful background in logistics issues, especially in the Middle East Area. Its power is depending on; geographical existence, experience in customs clearance procedures, experience in material handling and delivery to clients, experience in problem solving for different procedures depending on each country's laws. All our team works in a systematic way, when organizing all logistic services for clients. All procedures are monitored by team at each step of the workflow and in case any trouble happens, it is immediately managed and taken all necessary actions. Logistic management success is adding value for METCCA services to clients. We give generally door to door services our clients and we follow just in time delivery strategy in our business. By this way, our clients focus on their production and development and we focus on to support them not to stop their production.


METCCA FZCO is Middle East Trading Company for Chemical and Additives, established in 2004. We are supplying all Middle East countries, in addition to African countries with all kinds of chemicals and raw materials for many industries such as plastic, polyurethane and textile. We import our materials from Far East, in addition to USA, Latin America and Europe markets.

Over the years, the company successfully acquired a highly satisfied number of customers. To consolidate and cultivate confidence, competence is therefore the primary ambition of the company.


DUBAI - UAE Head Quarters Warehouse Facility


Export and distribution of chemicals and raw materials to clients covering a wide range of chemicals and raw materials for plastic, polyurethane, coating, construction and textile industry. Most of the products are imported directly from manufacturers and principals overseas, thus ensuring that our products supplied in the market are competitively priced. We source and deliver products manufactured in the Far East, USA, Latin America and Europe and supply the markets is all Middle East and African countries.